Thursday, June 29, 2006

Chaos and Creation In The Backyard is now officially depressing and more

So much of the latest Paul McCartney album is about his soon to be ex-wife supporting him and how new this love was and all that. I guess that's what you get for marrying a gold digger your kids hate - an album outdated less than a year in.

- - - - -

I've been listening to a lot of music lately that has sort of an ambient/lethargic bent, specifically a new-ish band called Brightblack Morning Light. Long songs, slow building, with slinky guitar parts, strong basslines and breathy vocals. Also, i've been digging on the demos for Ghost Wars, featuring Foo Fighter/Sunny Day Real Estater Nate Mendel, along with the former lead singer of Juno. You can find them on myspace.

- - - - -

I've also re-committed myself to attemting the New York Times crossword puzzle each day. That's a real easy thing to do Monday and Tuesday, but by Thursday i'm feeling stupid as i'm out of practice.

- - - - -

Going up to Connecticut this weekend to hang with Mr. David Colemand and Ms. Laura Harrison. That should be fun. Then, on Sunday i have the wedding of the lovely Ms. Rebecca Wills and Mr. Timothy Kessler. That too should be a good time.

Gotta love a long weekend.

- - - - -

Oh, and i love my laptop.


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