Monday, June 26, 2006

Baseball Day in NJ

A few Baseball-related thoughts to start this final week of June...

First of all, anyone who has even a passing remembrance of the Mets of the early 90s, or just wants to know just how egos can ruin a team should read this. Sorry Erin, but Bobby Bonilla was an asshole...

Second of all, shame on all of baseball for putting up with Ozzie Guillen. Ozzie is a fantastic manager and has done a superb job in Chicago, turning the White Sox away from nearly 90 years of failure to a 4-game sweep in the World Series. However, two gay slurs to the media in two years is cause for a serious supension. Now, i don't know if Jay Mariotti, writer for the Chicago Sun Times, is gay or not, but i can tell you that no matter what, he doesn't deserve to be called a "fucking fag" either. I may not like Mariotti (he's the smarmiest dude on Around the Horn), but he's a journalist who simply questioned the way that Guillen handled a young pitcher. That is his job; to analyze the moves of the sports figures of the Windy City.

On top of that, Guillen's apology was so half hearted and insincere - to give you an idea, he said he wasn't homophobic because he goes to WNBA games and has tickets to a Madonna concert. MLB and the White Sox should step in and severly reprimand Guillen and send the message that slurs just aren't welcome in baseball. For a sport that was at the forefront of breaking segregation and embracing players of all races, for a sport that donates millions of dollars to charity, and for a sport that fines people for throwing their helmets, a slap on the wrist doesn't work for a biggot.

The Mets are back in Beantown for the first time since beating the Red Sox in the 1986 World Series. I'm waiting for a ball to run through the legs of Kevin Youkilis tonight, even though there is no way he could catch Jose Reyes anyway. One day people will be talking about this 2006 team like people talked about the 1986 Mets - simply impressive.

And finally, the Tigers are for real. I wasn't a believer until recently, but watch out for this team.


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