Monday, April 24, 2006

_____ of the Week

Song of the Week - "Rubber Shirt" - Frank Zappa (What is so cool about this track is that if you listen to it, you assume that it is a drummer and bass player jamming. That is not really the case - the drums and bass are from two different live jams of two different songs, that were 18 months apart! Zappa simply isolated the drums from one and the bass from another, and randomly dumped one on top of the other. It sounds like an incredibly tight jam, but its just Zappa luck.)
URL of the Week - Global Warming - Not funny
IM Conversation of the Week - See previous post
Meal of the Week - Pork Fajitas at On the Border
The Onion Headline of the Week - (from their podcast) Fat Family Has Fat Pets
Beatles Song of the Week - "Hey Jude" (as performed by the Mutato Muzika Orchestra during the opening credits of the Royal Tenenbaums)


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