Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Best of the Internet This Week So Far

From Do The Math, the Bad Plus's Blog:

Condi's PR piano

We are appalled by the classical music establishment's interest in Rice's music-making. (It's not just the NY Times. Recently, Some of our fav blogs have been guardedly respectful of her too.)


When you are that personally connected and responsible for extensive murder and mayhem in the world, your amateur piano playing is NOT a news story.

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Google's Quote of the Day:

Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can: all of them make me laugh.
- WH Auden

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From Matthew Cerrone's Metsblog:

In 23 at-bats this season, Mets 3B David Wright is batting .435, with two HR, 10 RBI, a stolen base, two walks and he has yet to strike out…

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From Popmatters:

JAZZ TODAY: The Strange, Mixed Fate of Steely Dan

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And finally, a Catch-22 quote from Dan. I love this book SOOOOO much.

"Do you think it does you credit to have your chaplain hanging around
here every night? He's in here every goddamn time I come."

"You're right, sir, absolutely right," Colonel Cathcart responded. "It
does me no credit at all. And I am going to do something about it,
this very minute."

"Aren't you the one who ordered him to come here?"

"No, sir, that was Colonel Korn. I intend to punish him severely, too."

"If he wasn't a chaplain," General Dreedle muttered, "I'd have him
taken outside and shot."

"He's not a chaplain," Colonel Carthcart advised helpfully.

"Isn't he? Then why the hell does he wear that cross on his collar if
he's not a chaplain?"

"He doesn't wear a cross on his collar, sir. He wears a silver leaf.
He's a lieutenant colonel."

"You've got a chaplain who's a lieutenant colonel?" inquired General
Dreedle with amazement.

"Oh no, sir. My chaplain is only a captain."

"Then why the hell does he wear a silver leaf on his collar if he's
only a captain?"

"He doesn't wear a silver lead on his collar, sir. He wears a cross."

"Go away from me now, you son of a bitch."


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