Monday, February 06, 2006

Art for Art's Sake

If you are a creative person, please read this and think

This is a fascinating look at how not everyone gets into music (or any creative business really) for the reasons of making a million bucks because, sometimes, that is 100% unlikely.

The Rant is becoming more of a "Brian posts links to articles" lately, but i promise to be back with some pith and vinegar soon.

Oh, and good job Steelers!


At 2:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That article was pretty cool. Makes me think about why I still play music (enjoyment, being surrounded with people that have similar interest, musicians get chicks?). Obviously I'll never be a professional, but I know that I can aspire to be a better musician and continue to play through the rest of my life without receiving any financial benefit because it is something that I enjoy. I also totally agree that people should pass on the possibility for better pay to do something that they truly love.


PS I like the links to random things, so if you start ranting again you shouldn't stop with them.


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