Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Cult of Beck


If you have some time and want to read a fascinating article on Beck and Scientology (Beck has in the last year 'come out' as a practicing Scientologist), click above. It is incredibly well thought out and, frankly, a bit scary.

I hate to subscribe to conspiracy theories, but Beck's latest album, GUERO, was pretty shitty, and there are a lot of theories about its Scientology roots and how he has stopped reaching out to new forms of music (for the uninformed - Beck's albums up until GUERO had very little to do with one another musically - the dense, sample based ODELAY was followed by the 'band' record MUTATIONS, which was followed by the party-funk-Prince-worshiping MIDNIGHT VULTURES, which was followed by the somber and mostly acoustic SEA CHANGE) for the inability of Scientologists to interact with non-Scientologists. Fascinating stuff if you have a few minutes to read.


At 11:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brian, I only skimmed the article, but I've done some of my own research and can say that those Scientologists are KUH-RAY-ZEE....but totally fashionable. I think I'm going to try to fit in some auditing sessions between my meditating and studying the Kabbalah after the New Year.

For the 411, surf your web browser to www.xenu.net, but tell them that Ed sent you, I don't want to get sued.

Matt P


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