Thursday, March 03, 2005


Hey everyone.

Sorry for the relatively quiet week. I've been busy, dammit! Anyway, lately i've seen a lot of movies, and i've notcied that a lot of these films are quite similar to older films that perhaps many people aren't aware of. So, here goes the first edition of BriFlix!

If you liked...
Napoleon Dynamite

Then try...
Ghost World

As most of you probably know, Napoleon Dynamite follows a boy named, well, Napoleon Dynamite through those award high school times. This film depicts a person so bizarre that it is almost impossible to relate. This is not a criticism of the film, just a fact (i enjoyed the film a lot).

Ghost World also follows a socially inept person, this time named Enid, through the summer after graduating high school. This is a much more, i suppose, realistic story and the characters are all much easier to relate to. Plus, you have the sweet eye candy of a pre-skank Scarlett Johanson, the underrated Thora Birch, and my personal favorite actor, Steve Buscemi. Plus both films feature nunchucks. How awesome is that?

If you liked...
Shaun of the Dead

Then try...
Evil Dead 2

Pretty much one of the first attempts to bridge comedy and horror, Evil Dead 2 is just plain awesome. As is Shaun of the Dead. What Barry (Jack Black) says in High Fidelity can easily be applied to both films: "Its so funny and violent, and the soundtrack kicks fucking ass." If you enjoyed Shaun's mixture of humor and blood, see where it all started. And if you want a straight up low budget horror movie, rent the original, The Evil Dead.

If you liked...
Million Dollar Baby

Then try...
Raging Bull

First off, if you liked Million Dollar Baby, then you either a) bought the hype, or b) are an asshole. The only accurate review of the film can be found HERE.

But seriously, if you thought that Million Dollar Baby was a good boxing movie, watch one that really hits all the important points - the violence of the sport (which MDB never really shows you), realistic fight sequences, and actual good acting (minus Hillary Swank, who was excellent. But c'mon, Morgan Freeman is the same in every film, and Clint Eastwood is a prune with lips). Plus, DeNiro gained 60 lbs for the scenes when he is the older Jake LaMotta. Now that is method acting, biotches.

Stay tuned for more BriFlix.


At 11:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you forgot "If you liked GONE WITH THE WIND you will love GHOSTBUSTERS 2"


At 8:26 PM, Blogger Erin said...

If you like "Guess Who?" then try "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?"

Once again American is faced with the question-what if a black person and white person fall in love? Ashton Kutcher gives a performance second only to Sidney Poitier.


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