Thursday, February 24, 2005

From the desk of Ed Kelly...

ZapRowsdower8: have you ever wanted to sleep with a blonde hair blue eyed woman just so you can find out what recessive genes you have?
GringoStarrRock: no but that is brilliant
ZapRowsdower8: i was thinking about that today during school
GringoStarrRock: it is interesting
ZapRowsdower8: i would have to have at least 4 kids with her though
GringoStarrRock: yeah, just to make the punnet square
ZapRowsdower8: so maybe rape would be a better choice
GringoStarrRock: why?
ZapRowsdower8: i'll wear a ski mask, and check up with the victim 9 months later
ZapRowsdower8: I dont want to take care of 4 kids
GringoStarrRock: and then do it 4 times?
ZapRowsdower8: you know it
GringoStarrRock: chances are she'll either - a) abort a few of them or b) kill herself for being raped so many times
ZapRowsdower8: thats a risk I am willing to tkae


At 6:45 PM, Blogger Dave said...


That's brutal...but hysterical. But really brutal.



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