Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Things I am looking forward to in 2005, now that we are a month in:

-Traveling more. Ed and i were talking tonight about taking a long weekend to San Fran/Oakland to take in some baseball/music during the summer, and that is getting me excited to do some more traveling this year. Even if its just getting up to more of New England, or taking the long rumored Fury-Us road trip.

-Less TV commercials featuring George W. Bush. Sure, he's still the prez and that sucks, but at least we get 100% less "I am George W. Bush and i approve this message."

-Writing more music. This year i've actually been good so far with capturing small little ideas on tape and sorting them out later and building them into songs. Usually i would force myself to finish things as soon as i started them, but thats just stupid. This way the ideas grow, breathe and have time to adapt before i force them into a 3 or 5 minute structure. I hope to write more music in '05 than in this entire decade combined (which really isn't that hard considering my most productive year {'04} only had like 7 or 8 keepable songs, and 6 of those were written w/ Jeff for our dormant band.

-Less playing Tetris on my cell phone. Yes, i love it, but i play it too much. Seriously - some days i'll lie in bed for another 15 minutes after waking up playing a game on a telephone. It is time i get a life and at least invest in an old school Gameboy.

-Seeing more interesting films. Netflix is my boo, and because of it i have been able to view so many great movies that i just would not have had the means to see a few years ago. I hope to get more and more into foreign and independent film, as well as catch up on all the American classics i've missed. Plus the new films that tickle my fancy (Batman Begins, Everything is Illuminated, Sin City, etc).

-An end to the constant shitting on of the Star Wars legacy by George Lucas. Hopefully with this new film, he can retire happy and i can enjoy the old trilogy without having to have any more pointless new parts put in.

-Hearing more music. Every month i find new albums, artists, songs, and genres that i enjoy, and that is fantastic. I wish everyone shared my insatiable thirst for new music, but alas, i am mostly alone in my consumption of indie rock/bossa nova/post-bop/tropicalia/pop/psychedelia/classical and just plain rock music. I am specifically looking forward to new albums from Frank Black, Stephen Malkmus, Superwolf, the Breeders, the New Pornographers, Robert Pollard, Sufjan Stevens (hopefully), Spoon, Queens of the Stone Age and hopefully a return to their 90s form for Weezer.

-Learning to bake more desserts. Because really who doesn't love desserts? Ditto for getting a microbrewing kit.

-More time with friends. This is a complicated one. Many of my good friends i don't get to see as much because i have returned full time to the Garden State. However, i still talk to many of them frequently, and 2 or 3 daily. Plus i have spent more time with some of my NJ crew more in the last 7 months than probably the last 4 years, so that is cool. I want to make an effort to have more meaningful hang outs, whatever that means. Not so much just sitting on my couch watching reality tv, but actually doing things. Lately, i've been very into board games, and that always makes for good hangs.

-Distancing myself more from crazies. These crazies in no way are limited to, but include: Bill Donahue and the Catholic League, Ryan Schwoeble, the entire Comm. Dep't of DU (minus Roy Joseph), anyone (minus Ken Beck) who goes to 44 East Madison in Cresskill, people who swear by everything Pitchfork says, people who don't distrust the government, people who actually liked Episodes I and II more than the original Star Wars trilogy, people who like Wings more than the Beatles ('cept A.C. Newman), people who claim to be part of a "scene," people who don't even attempt to be creative, and smelly people.

-Playing more banjo. Pretty self explanatory.

More feedback please!


At 11:02 AM, Blogger Dave said...

Hey B,

Let me just say...good luck. That's a long list. I wanted to get into some new stuff too. Flash web design, more jazzy hip/hop like John Legend, more folk music and more travel.

Hope you accomplish everything you set out to do.

At 8:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sin City does look pretty sweet. It's good that GL is all done modifying the original trilogy, but I am still reeling from seeing the force ghost of Hayden Christiansen in ROTJ. Funny - ROTJ and ROTK - never noticed that before. That microbrew kit sounds sweet. I have always wanted to try that; let us ranters know how it goes. And me and A-train be out to visit again soon to help with the "friends" item. Peace,


At 1:03 PM, Blogger Erin said...

"good hangs" it's a wonder you get anyone to hang out with you at all. I hope you live up to that baking desserts resolution-I fully support you on that.


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