Monday, January 31, 2005

____ of the Week/Feedback/Randomness

Song of the Week - "Carrot Rope" - Pavement
URL of the Week - - the website for the world's greatest radio show, This American Life. Check out EVERY show they've done via RealAudio. I can't recommend this highly enough.
Quote of the Week - "I have to remember I'm not at school" - Armac being a dirtbag
Away Message of the Week - "CHILDREN" - Ken Beck, who has had the same one every day he's worked at a school
Television Event of the Week - This AWESOME lecture i caught about the Big Bang Theory - i'm totally serious
Meal of the Week - The self proclaimed "Schmorgasborg" at the Queensbury Hotel
Letdown of the Week - Me being a predictably shitty skiier
Beatles Song of the Week - "I Need You"


Feedback from "Dear Landlord"

(no one noticed that i nicked this title from a Dylan song - uncultured swines!)

Anonymous said...
I am NOT a ho!


BVS - do you prefer tramp?

Anonymous said...
Oh man this was fuckin' hilarious rant-action. Am I allowed to say fuckin' on this site? I am pretty sure you have dropped the F-bomb, but now that we're on these reply-page, I can't check. I guess we'll see, shant we?As addendum to subject 1, I would like to present that the children of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore are named Scout, Rumer, and Tallulah.Also, I would like to apologize for laughing my ass of at this rant, because these things are doubtlessly quite the hassle on you.


BVS - Please Sean, i post these because laughter is the greatest medicine, and i have always had a secret ambition to be a pharmacist.

Anonymous said...
For the millionth time get the damn dog whistle. It may seem cruel at first, but it's a form of conditioning for the pooch

oh and also, i hit the "next blog" button on the top right hand corner and got this:


BVS - the dog whistle is a brilliant idea, but i'm reluctant to do it because i'm going to have to hear the dog barking even more. Yes, 4am, during dinner, and when her family is over will make the barking hillarious, but still noisy. And that blog is fantastic.

Feedback from "It's Educational!"

Anonymous said...
Pixies note - I was at Dee's on the South Side last night when the Pixies came on the jukebox, I squealed like a little girl.Kind of relating to the whole red state thing, are you pissed off reading about how people are mad that "The Passion of the Christ" wasn't nominated for best picture? Of course they believe it is Hollywoods bias towards Christians. I think it might just be The Academy's bias against nominating average films for their highest award. (Of course there are examples going against that as well... Gladiator) What are your thoughts on these peoples complaints?

- Ed

BVS - Ah, Dee's, my second favorite establishment on the Southside. Next time i'm in town, we have to hit up there and Jerome's for some nectar from heaven. And i think that the Passion of the Christ and Farenheight 9/11 both suffered the same fate for essentially the same reasons. 1) the people who were old school, pre-Vatican II Catholics before, or who were already voting against Bush, LOVED the films. However, this is like wondering why the Grateful Dead never crossed over to the easy-listening crowd - because only stupid stoners liked their music - "normals" didn't. Well, Joe Sixpack who is a Protestant middle of the road politico doesn't want to see either one of these films. And if he did, he'd probably be disappointed. These were both "good" films that certain groups had "great" experiences with - i've had great experiences with Death Wish, but you don't see me crying that Bronson wasn't given an Oscar for it.

Dave said...
Hey B, It's funny that you talk about the gayness of SpongeBob. Here's a site that I think you will fancy.More SpongeBob silliness.Make sure you check out the video section of College Humor and look for "the Gayest Ref". It would even make Hitler laugh. (lil' joke there cuz Hitler was a closeted Homosexual)Anyways, good luck skiing. Have fun. Don't fly into a tree. And talk to you "Blogmaster".

BVS - Ah, Hitler humor - the great uniter.

Erin said...
Clearly you do not recall the VERY similiar forward sent around in highschool involving the sesame street gang. Things are only funny when they're original (or when it's me saying your jokes)

BVS - I think this is better written than the Sesame Street FWD, plus it has a more colorful cast of characters.



Name the movie: "Stop your job, look at the insenstive man! That's what they're paying you for!"

I really love Netflix with all of my being.

I'm almost as bad of a skiier as i am an ice skater, but not that bad. Nothing i do is that bad.

I neglect my banjo too much - so i'm making a pact that February will be "use the banjo more efficiently" month


At 11:34 PM, Blogger Eileen said...

Don't forget that February is also Black History Month, so maybe you can play some songs on your banjo by African-American songwriters. Just a thought to really incorporate everything our shortest month has to offer.


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