Monday, January 24, 2005

______ of the Week +Some Feedback Answered

Song of the Week - "There Is No There" - The Books
URL of the Week -
Quote of the Week - "I knew you were going to do this. You are dead to me. Dead like Jen..." - Matt Popovich
Away Message of the Week - from the lovely Ed Kelly - "All I want to do is watch "The Price is Right" but I can't becasue that assmunch Bush is on."
Television Event of the Week - I Love the 90s Part Deux - it slowed my Netflix queue down to a crawl
Meal of the Week - Pizza w/ Erin last night, and then a Chipwich
Let down of the Week - The Mets not getting Carlos Delgado
Beatles Song of the Weel - "Don't Pass Me By"

Ok, here is my favorite part of the old rant, and that is responding to the feedback!


renegadeprincess said...

Eternal Sunshine was def a kick-ass movie. Wouldn't it be sweet if we really could delete people from our memories?

B - i don't think so. what i took from the movie was that we forget the really beautiful, nice moments when they are clouded by anger/sadness. if we have patience and wait out the anger/pain, we will still have those beautiful memories that would be erased.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you put Shaun of the Dead on your list of films or else I was going to have to call you on it. Enjoyed the rant as usual, nothing to bitch and moan about on my end of things.
Yes, the freak in the movie theatre. I wanted to tell him, just to piss him off, that Marvel Comics sucks, even though I was wearing a Captain America logo shirt that day (not as dorky as it sounds folks, it's just his shield on the chest of the shirt, but didn't really feel like getting into a whole fanboy argument cause comic fans can be annoying.
For your Top 10 films of 2005, will you be putting any of my films on that list? Come on baby, SPACE WOLF! You know you loved it.

B - Unfortunately, unless you and Rich re-make Space Wolf in '05, it is not eligable, as only new films are up for my lists. But i did enjoy Space Wolf a great deal.

Anonymous said...

I saw the film that Larry King was so excited about (The Phantom of the Opera). All I really remember is that a kid with Tourette's let out 4 blood curderling screams during the most quiet part of the film and that Joel Shumacher doesn't appreciate the difference between screen and stage acting.
The Rant in blog form is much like TV fast food commericals, I'm loving it!!

B - Glad you're behind the move Eddie. Other THT members aren't so much (wait and see).

Vinny said...

A.) Everything stated in your reasons why this is a blog now is all the reasons to have a blog. You can call it the rant in blog format but its still a blog and you LOOOOOVVVVEEEE it so dont even play like you don't. Biznatch!
b.) No Napolean Dynamite? I see how it is! I see.
c.) I HEART Blogs!

B - A few people commented on my lack of Nap. Dyno on my top 10 list - well eat my ass! Was it funny? Yes. Was it better than any of the films on the list? No! Would it be #11 on my list? No! Maybe #13 or 14, but no higher. Deal with it folks - it was funny, but its not a classic.

Erin said...

First I beat you in trivial pursuit:book edition now you get a blog-2005 is the best year ever!
I agree with Eternal Sunshine being the best movie of the year. It even makes my top 5 romantic movies ever list.

I don't even think I saw 10 new movies this year, but I'll agree with Vinny that Napoleon Dynomite should be on your list. But do whatever you want to do, gosh!

B - I want a rematch in TP:BE, as i WILL i schooled you at TriBond yesterday.

Queen D The Original Southern Diva said...

Technically that artist is called "Flava Flav" and I am making your blog the blog of the day. I know where you're coming from regarding the HTML stuff, but I have found that blogger is the lesser of the evils when it comes to blogging tools and I've tried a number of them.
You can view your link at

B - Thanks D, and sorry for the typing error - i know his name is Flava Flav, but when he does his trademark shout, he says FLAV-ER FLAV, not FLAV-A Flav, and that is why i was confused. Welcome to the rant!

Ryan McIntyre said...

You sold out faster than a supply Tickle-Me-Elmo's at Christmas of 96. I am ashamed...But I am going to try to see all of your movies you've selected because although I am ashamed, I respect your taste. Garden State here I come...
PS- No Harold and Kumar? Napoleon Dynomite? Wait til I'm done training to be a cage fighter, I'm gonna kick your ass, right after I beat you in the crave case challenge.

B - Still haven't seen Harold and Kumar because a certain someone decided that his sister was more important than watching that with me...

Eileen said...

I have to agree with Erin, first she kicks your ass book style, then Vinny and Steve kicked your ass pop culture style and now you're blogging it up with the best of us! Although I must say I prefer the Rant in mail form, I think this will work out for me eventually. (The blog form is like Jon Stewart on the Daily Show -- one day I'll realize I was a fool for ever thinking the original is better! Of course THAT'S something you don't forget, but my birthday or my name, you'll forget that in a second. But I digress.)
I can't believe you and I agree on films! I loved Garden State and Spiderman 2 (as you know, I almost jumped out of my seat in excitement for it). I can't wait to see your album list, especially since I'll know like 2 of the musicians on it, but I do love seeing the Rant (blog) back. Please don't forget your stuff of the week every once in a while because I do enjoy that and I enjoy seeing Erin's response to it.

PS: You are such a sell-out.

B - I know I'm a sellout. But at least i don't post redundant comments! SNAP

Anonymous said...

Brian -
My heart broke a little when I saw that you've switched over to the blog format. I was just having a discussion with my buddy nate how in general blogs have caused nothing but pain, pain usually inflicted by women and gay men towards straight men.
This being said since as far as I know you are neither a woman or a gay man I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Now, nothing against women or gay men, I just think that sometimes they forget that the pen (or keyboard) truly is mightier than the sword.
Also I appreciate the rant-theme of your blog. Most ones I've ever read before I gave up reading blogs (I guess until now) have been similar to this: "dum-dee-dum I went to the store today, yippidee-yip, I'm going on vacation, look at me, read what i say, LOVE ME, doop-doop de doop." The biggest shame about typical blogs is that they're written by intelligent people who somehow get obsessed with the fact that they're scholarly and all that and decide to ramble on about boring shit from their masters theses or their girlfriends. Anyway, I'm sure the rant blog will be an iconoclast for the blog world.
Lastly, GREAT movie list. I'm not going to list all of my little gripes with it but I'm very glad you included some of my favorites which have gone unappreciated: COLLATERAL and THE LIFE AQUATIC. I will say that I'm in the minority of people who did not like ETERNAL SUNSHINE. Don't get me wrong, the acting performances are great and the story is intriguing but my issue is that I felt the movie was too affecting. Kaufman, who usually adapts his fascinatingly surreal scripts with an air of objectivity, passed the buck on this one, in my opinion, to creating a tear-jerker. It just didn't float my boat...I had the tears, but it felt cheap, it was a surrealist one-night-stand.
That's it

B - Woah there Biggot Jeff! Just kidding, i know your comments were made in jest (And i hope everyone else realizes that as well). I promise to keep the blog about the same things the rant was about - me bitching and moaning and my opinions on trivial pop culture stuff, with some random political commentary. Check out the albums list if you get a chance, i think you'll dig at least a few of them. Watch your back at Kent.

Anonymous said...

I knew you were going to do this. You are dead to me. Dead like Jen...

B - i knew Popovich would hate me for this. Oh well, he'll come back. He always does.


k said...

I enjoyed the list, Brian. It's nice to see someone give Sufjan the credit he deserves for Seven Swans. Yeah, the reviews were good, but I can't recall seeing him crack any critics' top 10 lists. Anyway, the album is unbelievably good, as is Brian Wilson's SMiLE. I was able to see both of them on tour for these albums within a month's time, and they didn't dissapoint.

B - You lucky bastard! I missed the SMiLE show, but i did see Sufjan 3 times in '04, which was a treat. Also saw the Pixies 4 times, Camper Van Beethoven, the Unicorns, Ben Kweller, They Might Be Giants and many others. It was a good year for live music,


Vinny said...

I agree Bri... wtf! I was watching the news before... an hour long program where... 30 min, half the show, was dedicated to the snow. How much was to shovel...what the pattern looked like... how it tastes.... the scientific makeup of a snowflake... RIDICULOUS!! Calm the hell down Effers! You'd think there would be more important things to report on.... war... how Bush sucks.... tsunami relief efforts. Apparantly not, only the impending blizzard. Whatever.

B - Not only that but this shit happens every year! Its not like this is the first blizzard ever, there have been many big storms over the past few years. I guess i should expect this from the same people who pay to see "Are We There Yet?"

Student Slave said...

LOL. Completely agree! People choose the most inappropriate times to go out to window shop. Thunder storms, powercuts (no, you can't come in and buy stuff, our tills are all jammed shut with the power cut! duh!)
Great blog!

B - Hello and welcome to the rant! I'm glad to see that its not just Americans that are nuts about this stuff.

Anonymous said...

At least is isn't yellow snow. Imagine, a blizzard of urine soaked snow. Now THAT is something to worry about.

B - Yeah, that would be fucked up and i could see freaking out about that

Anonymous said...

I hear ya man. I went out to get some milk yesterday, and you'd figure that the same amount of people would be out buying milk as a usual Saturday right? But no, everybody was "stocking up". Geez.
Go Steelers!

B - The other side of this story is that my 'rents needed to have the boiler fixed that day, and the guy said that some people on the road was driving as if there wasn't 3 inches of snow falling an hour - so we have 2 kinds of assholes - the kinds that overreact and the kind who don't even notice the while shit falling from the sky. PS RIP Steelers this season.

Anonymous said...

yeah b-rock i know what you're saying... i work at a deli/convenience store and yesterday was INSANE!! there was a line from the beginning of the deli to the door and then it doubled back and curved around the aisle. people think that they're going to be trapped in their house for the rest of their lives but if they have 3 lbs of thinly sliced olive loaf they'll make it through... not to mention the car fire that occurred in our parking lot.. yeah some ass left a lit cigarette in his ash tray while he went in to wait on the 45 minute line for some bologna, the cigarette fell out of the ash tray onto his seat and in those 45 minutes set the interior of his car afire... one of my friends/coworkers was outside on her break and saw him as he opened his door and smoke and flames were shooting out... talk about dedication to his deli-needs...
apparently snow=apocolypse i vote we abolish winter and all it represents!
<3 teresa

B - Wow! A carfire! And i thought when the circuit breaker caught on fire here it was exciting. Man, the joys of deli-working. Eat your heart out now-retired Nick D'Ippolito!

Anonymous said...

the stores were insane on saturday, like they completely slept through the blizzard of '96. I was working in Kings on saturday and we made more that day than we did for the entire day of Christmas Eve (the store made 17 grand in an hour).
have a good week :)

B - Note to up a supermarket...

Be good everyone - 'til next time...


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